You’re sick but your business needs you. Follow these steps for managing a business while under the weather.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For many business owners, being sick isn’t an option and work can’t be put on hold while you recover.

This can be a very stressful situation; you’re trying to deal with being sick with deadlines, urgent client requests and immediate tasks hanging over your head.

Here are six tips for managing a business and a heavy workload while you’re sick. By putting these into practice, the next time you’re sick won’t result in a horrendous business situation.

1. Revise your to-do list

When you’re unwell you don’t see things as clearly. You need to be ruthless with your to-do list so it only lists the most immediate, pressing tasks. If the task doesn’t result in a cost to your business if not complete, put it on a separate to-do list to tackle when you’re back to work.

2. Realise you won’t get everything done

The sooner you realise you won’t be able to accomplish everything when you’re sick the better. Unrealistic expectations about what you can achieve while sick will only lead to disappointment and cause you stress which won’t help with your recovery.

The key is to embark on one task at a time and not worry about others until the most important task is complete.

3. Renegotiate deadlines and reschedule meetings

Renegotiate deadlines and reschedule your meetings as soon as possible. Colleagues and clients understand that if you’re sick sometimes you just can’t complete a task by the set time or make it to a particular meeting.

If you contact the person as soon as possible, they will be more than happy to reschedule the meeting or deadline. If you communicate with them in a professional manner people will not be put-out by your absence.

4. Set a ‘catch-up’ plan

Don’t push yourself too hard when you aren’t well enough to complete your work. This will only lead to an extended recovery period.

Instead, write down any ideas or notes that will make tasks quicker to accomplish when back at work and create a plan of attack.

5. Ask for help

If you have urgent projects that can’t be rescheduled, ask for help. The more you can delegate the quicker you can recover.

6. Give yourself guilt-free rest time

You need to allow yourself time to rest and recover when sick. Don’t stress yourself out by worrying about work while trying to recover. This will make recovery time longer.

Take the necessary steps to get better so when you are ready to return to work, you are 100% better.

This article appeared on Smart Company


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