Change for the sake of it is stupid

ChangeWe’ve just come through a very long election campaign and finally it is over. For many it’s been a necessary change so we could put to an end the uncertainty of an unstable government. We now need to give it time to see if the change is going to prove fruitful for us as a country. For the sake of everyone involved, I sure hope it does.

So what do you do when you’re faced with the opportunity to make a change in your business or life, when you weren’t really expecting to do so, because everything seemed to be working just fine as is? The change is supposed to increase your efficiency and improve your bottom line. The change is supposed to bring you in line with how others are doing it. Are you feeling convinced enough to make the necessary change? Are you ready to move into the unknown and take that leap of faith? Or is it change for the sake of change?

These are some of the questions I had to ask myself recently when faced with the idea of changing accounting software for my business. I’ve always seen myself as a progressive person and ready to embrace change. However, my system wasn’t broken and I was getting great efficiencies from what I was doing. I’d considered changing a year ago but I wasn’t ready then because I didn’t think the software was ready for my business.

Sometimes we can make justifications to ourselves for not making good changes in our business. Some of the common excuses are lack of time and ‘it could be too hard’. How will the team embrace the change and what will the clients think? Will I really get the returns that the change promises?

So, let me share my experience in changing from the Quickbooks software we used to Xero cloud accounting software. Those who know me well would identify that I wasn’t an advocate for Xero in the beginning. I was simply not ready to change for the sake of it, and that was the easy excuse I used. My system wasn’t broken so there was no pressure point making me want to change.

However, I wanted to keep up with what others were doing and moving to the cloud was becoming less scary overall. Have I got more efficiency out of the new system since changing over? Yes I have. The most important question is though; am I enjoying the new software? The answer is yes. I can actually say I have no regrets and in fact, I am recommending the product on a daily basis.

I didn’t do this for the sake of change. However, the timing of when we changed software was dependent on a change made in the business structure, so sometimes a little push can be very helpful. Otherwise I could be still sitting here wondering if I would be better off.

If you’re contemplating changing your accounting software then by all means come and discuss this with us. A change could be good for all concerned. Just like a change in the season can make us all feel a little more alive, a change in your business can increase productivity and efficiency.

If you’re feeling at all apprehensive in changing to a cloud based solution then make sure you talk to us. We can see what the best option could be your business and help you make a change for the better.

Michelle Gargar


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