Keeping up without going insane

social-media-marketingYou could spend every waking moment following the latest blogs, tweets, Youtubes, etc to keep up with the latest trends in Social Media (SM). It’s enough to send you round the twist. At one stage last year I decided enough! I was not going to read anything new for a month.  No webinars, no newsletters, no posts-  nuffin!

OMG what a pile up of info I had to plough through to get back on top of the heap. Then came the Penguin update.  A tsunami of panic ridden news came rolling in drowning me yet again. Munro did get wiped out for a while. We lost our top Google spot and it made a difference to the number of enquiries. Ouch! I had to get my grappling gear on and climb that mountain of information yet again.

It seemed like Mt Everest  at the time but it was actually just a hump. That update was a genuine cleanout of lots of dodgy sites and backlinking scams. I learnt a lot about best practice and keyword optimisation so the climb was worth it.

Now I just enjoy one great information site-  Social Media Examiner-  plus the odd webinar at Hinge Media or Smart Company. With over 30% of our fees coming via the website our Social Media section called ‘The M Zone” (thanks MG)  is on its own path. I just steer it to keep it on course.

SM is not rocket science it’s Marketing 101 that I  learnt back in the dark ages.

Give the client what they want and they will buy.   Simple.

That’s how I have kept slightly sane in this crazy new world of Digital Marketing that has taken over my working life for the past 2 years.  I love it but I don’t lose sleep over trying keeping up with the latest news.

Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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