The survival of the fittest

The survival of the fittest
by Peter Morgan   Business Development Advis0r
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The Darwinian theory of evolution , that the strongest thrive, is incorrect – Darwin actually said that those that thrive are those that are best at adapting to change.
And this has never been more the case in business than now.

Microsoft dismissed the iPhone back in 2007 primarily because it didn’t have a keyboard and therefore wouldn’t be adopted by business.  This lesson speaks volumes for any person running a business that is dependent on watching technology trends – and to a degree all businesses are.  If you can’t see where the wind is blowing, how can you trim your sails to run the business properly? How can you possibly better your business by refusing to take on new and exciting trends?

It’s about being able to recognise when the market, or business opportunities are shifting a certain way, and then following.

Businesses are currently reporting cost and time savings of up to 50% by embracing cloud solutions in the areas of accounting, point of sale solutions, document storage, stock management, receipt handling, project and workflow management, CRM and sales processing.  Many of these processes can be set to integrate eliminating costly and error prone re-keying errors.

Munro Accountants has recently merged with Quill Group and our cloud solutions capability now extends to dealing with a much broader range of business applications than just accounting. With specialists in both IT and accounting, and having run their own businesses, our Cloud Solutions team can help you identify and implement process efficiencies that could have profound and enduring benefits for your business profits.

With 300000 new businesses being set up in Australia every year (15% of the total in existence) most of these are adopting cloud solutions due to the low entry cost.  In 5 years time business will be heavily using cloud technology – and if you don’t move with the times, will you be able to compete?

There is an argument to be made that if you are not planning to embrace the technological advances that are today making business across Australia more efficient, then you are planning to retire in 5 years.

Make it your new financial year resolution to be good at adapting to change.

Contact Peter Morgan for more information on cloud solutions
Phone: 5539 9777 or email
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