My Ironing-Man Challenge

I recently read a blog by Proactive Accountants Network founder Rob Nixon that set me thinking about the challenges faced by most small business owners that I meet.

Cloud accounting is without doubt the future of accounting for small business, with Xero being at the forefront of the wind of technological change that is happening. With bank statement data automatically fed into the accounting software, all that remains is for the transactions to be coded into the Chart of Accounts – and most of the bookkeeping work is done!

This enables real time collaboration with your accountant so they can do what they do best – the tax planning and advisory work from which business owners derive the most value.

So what’s the problem and where does my Iron-man Challenge fit?

This morning I needed to iron a business shirt now that my wife is now working full time. I hate ironing. My experience was very much like Rob.s – the first thing I had to do was find the iron and the board -then put the board up and switch the iron on.

Both presented a bit of a challenge but after stubbing my toe on the board a few times, and stopping to put shoes on, I had the board up and the iron plugged in.  It was then I noticed the water canister and a dial on the iron.

After looking at the dial for a bit, I yanked it to the top setting – hoping for the best.  Sure enough it fired up and started to make all sorts of odd noises.  I decided to put some water in, as the canister had to be there for a reason.  It was hot in seconds and making steam so off I went.

20 minutes later I had ironed the shirt.  Sure it was wet in places, and a few extra creases had been ironed in here and there, but success right?  There are professionals who could iron a dozen or more shirts in 20 minutes – and I was 15 minutes late into work!

So what did I learn? If you don’t want to use the tool then don’t learn how to use the tool! What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing – when there are others who can do it far better and quicker than you can.  Leave it to the trained professionals.

One of the keys to success with cloud accounting is only doing the bookkeeping yourself if you have the skills to do bookkeeping (or have the time to learn it properly) and the time to do it.

Otherwise it’s going to get messy. So leave it to us – the experts.

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