Cloud Accounting not pie in the sky

Why Cloud Accounting is not just for Accountants
by Business Development Advisor Peter Morgan

Many Australian bookkeepers feel threatened by the arrival of Cloud Accounting, clinging tenaciously to desktop applications such as MYOB or QuickBooks. This is partly a natural reaction driven by fear of change, but mainly due to the fact that Cloud Accounting software packages are driving down the time required to do the bookkeeping.

As an Accountant  I am keen to embrace the Cloud Accounting revolution as I feel it delivers a tremendous advantage for both Accountant and client in working collaboratively with real time information. The reporting capabilities of Xero being an obvious example.

As such, I am keenly looking for forward thinking Xero bookkeepers who are ready to embrace the future of financial record keeping, and finding them thin on the ground. This represents a clear market opportunity for bookkeepers.

If bookkeeping time is reduced by half it can be a win-win all around as bookkeepers can reduce their charges and potentially free up time to deliver more service to a larger number of clients’, making larger profits for the same number of hours. Take out the redundant travel time to clients premises as well, and the benefits of embracing cloud become indisputable for the bookkeeper.

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