The Secrets of Success

sucessgreen2There are two secrets to success and I will share them with you at the end of this blog.  However, first of all it is critical that you develop your own definition of success, what success means to you. I know plenty of ‘rich’ people who do not consider themselves successful – exceptionally time poor, leveraged up to the eyeballs, broken marriages, overweight, whatever. So it’s not about money, clearly.

Picture yourself on the top of a tall building; there is a 30 metre girder 10cm wide leading straight out and at the end is a big bag of cash. Let’s say a million dollars. You just have to get it and bring it back. Do you go for it? Maybe you do.

Now imagine it’s dark, there is a storm raging, a howling gale and it’s wet and windy, and you have to do it barefoot. Still keen? Maybe not so much.

Now imagine it’s not cash at the end but one of your kids, or a loved one needing help. Do you go now?
See what I mean?

I think it’s important to define what’s on the end of that metaphorical girder for you. It’s fine if it’s the cash, or whatever. Just make sure your definition of success is built around that and you will find it easier to take actions each day that help you to achieve what success means to you as you travel through your business life.

So the two secrets?

  1. Never tell everything you know

by Peter Morgan   Business Development Advisor


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