Do you welcome complaints?

“Take your damn policy and shove it! That’s ridiculous!” 

“What do you mean I can’t pay with this card? I’ve been doing it for years” 

“I don’t give a damn about the regulations, I just want it done now” 

One of the things that separates the human species is that we can exercise choice over how we respond to things that happen to us.

Whilst complaints like those above, often delivered in a passive aggressive manner, tend to automatically get business owners defensive, there is a choice as to how to respond. 

And the intelligent choice is to firstly choose to deal calmly and efficiently with the matter at hand, and then secondly, take that complaint and if possible use the problem identified to improve your business, and the way it relates to customers. 

Research has shown that businesses that put customer service at the heart of their business achieve profits on average 12 times higher than those that don’t, gain market share rather than lose it, and charge significantly higher prices.

Now with the increasing usage of Social Media by businesses, customer complaints are on display 24/7 and must be dealt with immediately.  Good customer service is also on display and it is a prime opportunity for businesses to show off their customer service policies. 

 Trip Advisor is a prime example of a review site where good and bad reviews of tourist facilities are posted by guests. Smart owners respond to reviews on the site. 

On Facebook or Twitter, a simple post or tweet response is generally enough. Offering a phone number to sort it out is also advised.

© Munro Accountants 2012 


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