New social media rules shake up

 Offline laws catch up to online

Following the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) ruling in early August 2012, Facebook (FB) pages , Twitter posts, photos, videos or comments on  commercial blogs now fall under the same rulings as all offline advertising.

This means that business owners are responsible for themselves and  third parties  on their Social Media (SM) where the SM is deemed for trade or commerce. If the comments, posts etc are discriminatory, misleading or deceptive in any way and someone complains to the ASB the owner may be investigated.  Large business have 24 hours to respond to the offending matter while small  business have more leeway.
So what to do?
1. Don’t panic and take down your FB or Twitter accounts especially if they are an important part of your marketing mix and are getting results

2. Monitor your business Social Media very closely

3. Negative comments should be dealt with on the spot, within reason. It’s good customer service to show how you  deal with a complaint.

4. Make sure your profanity blocklist on  Facebook is set to strong

5. Read the Communication Council Social Media Code of  Conduct document as a guideline Read more>>


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