Make it easy for your Customers to buy

With retail businesses going through hard times across Australia it is the innovators and creative thinkers that stand the best chance of surviving and prospering.

Innovation and creative thinking when coupled with improving customer service is particularly powerful.

How many times have you been in a  restaurant trying to attract the waiters attention to order some drinks? Why do they make it so hard?

 ‘Yo! Below’ in London came up with an innovative solution to solve crowding at the bar, long waits at tables and the associated customer frustration. Drinks dispensers are placed on every table so with a  press of a button you get your drinks and standard measures  dispensed and automatically added to your bill.  Does that make an evening more enjoyable?  Yes.  Will people happily fill up their glass more often, does everybody win? Yes. 

How easy is it for your customers to spend money with you?

So focus on and identify the obstacles that make it difficult for your customers to buy and do whatever it takes to take them away.

© Peter Morgan 2012


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