Don’t miss the cloud -free trial

A recent Gold Coast Bulletin article (here)  showed how Cloud Accounting is transforming accountancy from paper to the cloud.  The June seminar hosted by MA and Xero was well attended and 40% of businesses who attended or were interested took up one of the three offers. We are running another seminar in August with a free trial and/or $275 conversion cashback offer.

Here are main points from the June seminar:

  • Xero has grown by 400% in 12 months in challenging economic times, and why cloud is the future for accounting
  • The founders of MYOB and PayPal have also invested in Xero
  • How bank feeds save you time and money – and why your bank is almost certain  taking part
  • Invoicing on the fly – even from an iPhone
  • No upfront investment, no upgrades (so no more expense or downtime), automatic backups, improved security
  • A host of applications that integrate with Xero (like Vend for Point of Sale, and Unleashed for Inventory)
  • How we can help you move over to Xero
  • How we can provide support as you familiarise yourself with this beautiful accounting software
  • The likely dollar investment to secure all the long term benefits that Xero confers

NEXT SEMINAR -Due to the high demand for the June seminar we are running another one on Tuesday 14th August at Munro HQ at 6.30pm – 8.30pm. this includes light snacks and refreshments. See the introductory video here>> Please book your place at or phone 07 5537 7999.


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