Nine marketing themes for 2012

By Munro Accountants’ Social Media Manager, Jen Fitzgerald.

Gone are the days of traditional Marketing.  The 4P’s – Price , Product, Place and Price were the fundamentals I learnt in Uni ( back when dinosaurs ruled the earth). But Marketing has evolved way beyond that and there are many new challenges because of it. Marketing is now technology driven  and customers tell us instantle through blog comments, Twitter and  Facebook “likes” what they want from a product or service. It used to be that marketers told their customers what they need.

This article from Smart Company features  ‘9 marketing themes for 2012’ and no surprises that 7/9 are computer centric.  Read it here.  However, the  two that aren’t, ROI and Collaboration, are still fundamentals that have been taught since way back in the dark ages and should be in the top three of this years themes. 

ROI – It is sometimes difficult in marketing to measure ROI but there should always be some sort of result produced through any campaign or marketing effort.
Collaboration through old fashion networking, identifying key influencers and alliances is still king. An example is asking for endorsements from our clients. This strengthens our relationships with them and we promote their product or service  on our website in return. Example here. It’s a win win.

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