Inspiration for the new year

By Peter Morgan
Business Development Advisor

So who is looking for inspiration and fresh ideas as we head into a 2012 that will see London bring us the 30th Olympic Games of the modern era, and a total solar eclipse in Port Douglas on 18th November?

One of my favourite sources of inspiration in life and in business is Alan Weiss. You can check him and his ideas out at

Here are some of his ideas pertinent to this time of year that I would like to share with you:

1. Like Alan I enjoy a drink with family and friends on New Year’s Eve, but I have often felt in the past that by overdoing things I wreck the start of the New Year! If you don’t drink or don’t like the drink offered for a New Year toast, simply take it graciously and don’t drink it, but raise it for the toast. Why cause a commotion that can be avoided?

2. Why not make a resolution or two right now and make a start on them, so you’ll hit the New Year with a running start (unless it’s that diet one of course!).

3. Eliminate two of your biggest time wasters of the past year.

4. Have you planned and scheduled and safeguarded your family and ‘you’ time for 2012. Have you ring fenced the key events you want to witness? Reference my intro above again….

5. Don’t be hesitant to say  ‘Happy New Year’. Your intent is positive and well meaning and if someone takes umbrage, then it’s really their problem.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year and I highly recommend a free subscription to Alan’s emails ‘Balancing Act’ and ‘Monday Morning Memo’


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