Where do we go from here?

Our political world has been very turbulent lately, and that doesn’t just speak of our government here in Australia.

It seems every country is experiencing its own political storm which is affecting the rest of the world markets with instability and uncertainty.

As business owners, this is not bringing us much joy as it is making it difficult to plan for the future and to know whether business can be expanded for example.

It’s amazing that during these turbulent times, we’ve experienced a government who seems to have taken every opportunity to carry out everything it possibly can and in such a way that hasn’t taken into consideration the majority of the people’s concerns.

There doesn’t seem to be a two-tier governing system anymore. Once upon a time the lower house which represented the government of the day would make decisions and introduce bills. It would then be passed over to the Upper House for scrutiny, review and debate.

Not anymore. These days it seems we have Senators wanting to make the rules by pushing their agendas into the lower house and then when it comes to reaching the upper house, they already know what they are voting on. Scrutiny and judgement has gone.

And it would seem that we are no longer voting in a major party, as it’s been the independents and minor parties who have had the most say in this current government. The only policy I can think that the current government has actually introduced on its own merits in this term is the Mining Resources Tax, which incidentally attributed to the axing of the former PM Kevin Rudd in the first place.

Every other bill has been at the request of the independents and Greens and so it’s not a majority of what the people want to see get introduced as changes to law, but what minorities want. Is this the best way to run a country for the better? Would you run your business this way?

It’s been interesting to see how big business has to conduct its daily affairs when they are continually being forced to negotiate with their workforces via unions that represent their staff.

Take the recent QANTAS furore. Now whether you believe Alan Joyce did the right thing or not, how is it possible for a CEO to run a business if a line of staff that a business employs is wanting that business to invest in infrastructure just for the good of them. Doesn’t a business owner/manager get the right to decide on issues that are the best for the company overall? After all its the shareholders who have put up the money for that business to trade and they do so expecting a return. If that return is continually being put back out to the staff of that company, then you’re not going to have happy shareholders who invest their money at a risk for a return.

No shareholders could mean no business; and subsequently no job security for any employee. It’s very short-sighted for a union to make such demands when a business is trying to compete on an international level.

And if you are trying to compete in this current business market, what are you finding the most frustrating issue to overcome to take your business forward?

Is the uncertainty of the global market holding you back? Or is the downturn in the market causing your business stress because it seems no one is moving forward?

The best way to overcome these issues is to plan and strategise. Don’t bury your head in the pile of bills that overwhelm you every day. After all, Fail to Plan could result in a Plan to Fail.

Don’t let the global and political issues hold you back anymore. Take back control over how they are going to affect you and become the leader in your industry again.  Please feel free to comment in space below.

©2011 Michelle Gargar


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