We are now Carbon Accountants

More than Accountants we are now Carbon Accountants

Munro Accountants have been working behind the scenes to serve business clients in relation to the new Carbon tax legislation. We are proud to have taken the first steps towards this project by working closely with the Carbon Credit Corporation (C3) and Carbon Offset providors.

Munro Accountants can measure a client’s carbon footprint, using specialist carbon footprint software called Carbonview, and also buy and sell carbon credits globally on behalf of clients.

This is ideal for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint in a less formal manner in advance of any legal requirement.

Munro Accountants also recommends a local green certification provider, backed by Bureau Veritas, that will identify tangible cost reductions as part of their process. This can dramatically enhance a business’s prospects of securing contracts with customers for whom the carbon in their supply chain is an issue.

Taken together, businesses of all sizes can then accurately assess their carbon emissions and offset them to be “carbon neutral” under the Federal Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS), or opt for a lesser level of certification that can still include ISO 14001. Businesses can engage in carbon related customer loyalty programs, similar to the carbon offset flights programs, run by most major airlines.

This relationship will provide businesses all over Australia the opportunity to use Munro Accountants to take advantage of the new low carbon economy in Australia.

For more information contact Peter Morgan 07 5539 9777 or email  peterm@munro.com.au

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