Welcome to the first ‘M Zone’ blog

Now for some of you a “blog” is something you’ve heard about, but you’re not quite sure what it really means for you the reader. Well we hope to bring you some up to date information of some hot topics, some answers to frequently asked questions, and share with you our insights into ideas that you could learn from in business.

We hope to get your feedback on any posts we make, and of course we hope you share these posts with other businesses that you feel may benefit from the information contained. The feedback option isn’t available immediately as it’s still coming, but you can click to tell us if you “like” what we are saying.

The “social media” is something we as business owners can’t sit around and ignore but are best to embrace it with open arms. If you could put your crystal ball glasses on for a moment and look into what the future holds, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that the internet and technology is going to play a major part in the business world. The activity of buying products online is certainly going to increase multiple times in the next decade, which could result in the downfall of the standard retail store. Are you ready for such a change?

The initial fears of what negative things the internet can bring to a business are slowly fading and the fact that if you do great things for you customers then they are happy to speak about you, to the world. If you want to attract business from outside of your local area you will need to expose yourself to the world and social media is one of the best ways to achieve that cost effectively.

There are many companies that have had to recreate themselves over the last decade and there will be many more yet to come. It’s amazing to think that once upon a time we were saddened by the loss of manual industries such as wood turners. Will we be saddened by the loss of the video stores and travel agencies in the same way?

And we can’t think that the change in purchasing is only going to affect product businesses. There will be a shift in how service industries are interacted with in the future as well. Even more so with their use of social media to promote their services to a much wider audience.

So whilst we have had an internet presence for many years, we’re looking forward to embracing the new areas to enhance our market sphere. We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Regards Michelle


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